AMR 11: Olympic Bobsled? Piece O’ Cake.

The AMR posse, with a few exceptions, aren’t big on sports but they are big on cracking-wise and busting stones.

Come to think of it, if either were Olympic events, we’d be nationally ranked and medal contenders for sure.

Until the IOC gets their act together and lets us do our thing on a global scale we must console ourselves with taming the bobsled run at Lake Placid’s Olympic facility.

Yep, you read that right.

On this episode you’ll join me and Chris as we hurtle down Whiteface Mountain in a metal bathtub, um, bobsled. I meant bobsled.

Why’d we do it? Because it was there…and because both of us felt it was important to start facing our fears. What better way to do that than by racing down an icy track in a metal tube sandwiched between two complete strangers.

The entire experience was a pulse-pounding thrill, so much so that we’re ready to take on more challenges. Maybe we can convince the entire AMR Posse to join Chris and El Kaiser on our next macho adventure.

I hear skydiving is a lot of fun!

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