Are You Ready to Take Our “The Force Awakens” Quiz?

How hardcore a “Star Wars” fan are you?

Well, if – and only IF – you have seen the newest SW Episode VII movie, “The Force Awakens,” should you take this quiz. (There are spoilers ahead…)

Let’s see if you are a Jedi master or merely a scruffy nerf heder.

For answers, scroll all the way to the bottom.

  1. Rey is the daughter of …?
  1. Who was Max Von Syndow’s character?
  1. Why did Luke Skywalker going into hiding?
  1. Finn’s parents are…?
  1. How did Kylo Ren get Darth Vader’s mask?






  1. Damned if we know!
  1. You mean the Obi-Wan-wannbe? Shrug.
  1. Unpaid landspeeder tickets?
  1. Hell, we thought YOU knew the answer!
  1. We got answer “D.” What did you get?

I guess we have to wait for Episode VIII to find out the true answers! May the Force be with you!