Facebook Does a Faceplant and We’re Paying the Price


Mafia Wars.

Poking friends.

Ah, Facebook.

Not that many years ago it seemed so innocent and harmless.

Taking online quizzes about which Harry Potter character I was?

Checking in with the locations of places I visited?

Sharing personal details of my day-to-day life?

Of course! Why not?

What could possibly go wrong?

Fast-forward to 2018 and headlines are brimming with news of data hijacking for all kinds of nefarious purposes, lack of safeguards by Facebook and tens of millions of personal accounts that have been scraped of user’s most intimate details.

Facebook, which was once seen as a bit of a refuge from the black hole of nastiness that is Twitter, suddenly looks like Twitter’s evil twin.

It makes you want to become very unsocial on “the socials” and unplug from the world.

In this episode of About Men Radio, Chris and Pedro discuss their concerns about Facebook, how their social media habits are changing and, of course, cat videos.

Listen in.  Enjoy.  And tell your friends about the show.

But maybe tell them by email.