Know “Star Wars” Think You Do? This Quiz Shall You Take!

This quiz, compiled by John O’Connell,  will test your knowledge of the “Star Wars” books, movies, cartoons and games. (For answers scroll all the way to the bottom.)

1.  Who restored balance to the Force?

2.  What was the name of Queen Amidala’s planet that she ruled?

3 . What elephant-like armored tanks were on Hoth?

4. Name the planet where Chewbacca is from.

5  He is after Ezra Bridges and Obi Wan Kenobi in “Star Wars Rebels.”

6.  Princess Leia insults Han Solo by calling him this.

7.  Anakin nicknamed Ahsoka Tano this in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

8.  Who is the main character from the Jedi Knight series?

9.  He said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

10.  He wasn’t dumb, he was Darth Plagueis the…?

11.  This planet gets destroyed by the Death Star.

12. From Star Wars Rebels, this is the planet that Ezra Bridger is from.

13.  Who co-wrote “The New Essential Guide to Alien Species”?

14. In “Return of the Jedi,” Lei, Han Solo, Chewbaca, C3PO and  R2D2 must take down the shield generator from this forest moon of? The inhabitants of the moon are named…?

15.  This planet is found in the outer rim near Tatooine.  There are several episodes about it in Star Wars The Clone Wars. It is the home of the Twi’leks.










1  Anakin Skywalker
2  Naboo
3  AT-AT’s
4  Kashyyyk
5  The Inquistor
6  A Nerfherder
7  Snips
8  Kyle Katarn
9  Yoda
10 Wise
11 Alderaan
12 Lothal
13 Helen Keier
14 Ewoks
15 Ryloth

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