“Mansplaining?” Let Us ‘Splain It to You

Just because Pedro and I are men does not mean we can explain everything about what our gender does.

Take for instance “mansplaining,” the way men will insert themselves into a conversation and talk to a woman like she was a 4-year-old and the man was the Great Wizard of Oz.

Or at least that is the way Pedro explained it to me. And that is his understanding.

But the truth is, neither one of us quite understand it, though we are both pretty sure we have at one time or another (or maybe still do) engaged in this kind of behavior.

Mansplaining is one of the many tangents — I mean topics! — that Pedro and I explore in this week’s show.

We somehow veered from mansplaining to a freewheeling conversation about white privilege and other timely subjects.

With the About Men Radio crew, you just never can tell where we are headed. In fact, neither can we! But hell, that is half the fun.

So buckle up cowboy, put your ear buds in, press play and listen to the greatest podcast about and for men where we have the uncomfortable conversations others do not.