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How many times did Pedro and I *think* we were ready to record a show addressing the issue spawned by revelations of how movie mogul Harvey Weinstein treated women?

Probably at least five times, I would say.

And at every turn, when we would get our schedules lined up and prepare…Boom!

There would come another revelation of another celebrity, media personality or bold-face name, making headlines for behavior that included but was not limited to sexual harassment, groping, indecent exposure, sexual assault and rape.

The list of offenders was like a who’s who of household names: Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., to name but a few.

I don’t use the word “gobsmacked” often but it aptly described my reaction — and Pedro’s too — to what we were reading.

The past few weeks have amounted to a reckoning of historic proportions for men, regardless of their wealth, stature or profession — so much so that for the first time in some 60-odd episodes of About Men Radio, Pedro and I thoroughly talked through in advance what we wanted to say.

For this one episode, we shelved our usual free-wheeling, spontaneous and juvenile joke-telling format.

That is an explicit recognition of how powerfully charged this issue is.

We felt like a football player charging the field against a line of defensemen but instead of carrying a ball, we were running with a grenade minus the pin.

In this episode, I don’t think we solved any of the world’s problems (in fact, I’m confident we didn’t) but we did have an authentic conversation about what we agreed is a volatile topic that leaves us confused, angry — and gobsmacked.

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Pussycat List

Let’s be honest: What man – or woman for that matter – does not have a Hollywood heartthrob for whom he or she does not secretly carry a torch?

Call them what you will: Models. Hunks. Starlets. Celebrities.

My late fiancée had a name for the actors she got hot and bothered about: She said they were on her “pussycat list.”

I have no idea where the term originated. I never thought to ask.

But I know that the likes of Brendan Fraser, Johnny Depp and Gary Sinise were on her list.

Well, men are no different.

At the About Men Radio crew, we have our own pussycat list of actresses who make us weak in the knees and our hearts go pitter-patter.

With the Oscars coming up, with its parade of celebrities in their stunning finest walking the red carpet, we thought it would be revealing for the About Men Radio crew to discuss which actresses were on our top 10 list.

The rules were supposed to be simple: We had to come up with 10 names of actresses who were still living but NOT reveal their identities to each other ahead of the recording of the show.

This was meant to ensure some element of surprise.

Of course, AMR posse member John O’Connell emailed me his list ahead of the show.


No matter.

I did not peek at his list but you should give the show a peek. After you’ve listened, tell us: Who is on YOUR pussycat list? Write us at amr@aboutmenshow.com