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How many times did Pedro and I *think* we were ready to record a show addressing the issue spawned by revelations of how movie mogul Harvey Weinstein treated women?

Probably at least five times, I would say.

And at every turn, when we would get our schedules lined up and prepare…Boom!

There would come another revelation of another celebrity, media personality or bold-face name, making headlines for behavior that included but was not limited to sexual harassment, groping, indecent exposure, sexual assault and rape.

The list of offenders was like a who’s who of household names: Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., to name but a few.

I don’t use the word “gobsmacked” often but it aptly described my reaction — and Pedro’s too — to what we were reading.

The past few weeks have amounted to a reckoning of historic proportions for men, regardless of their wealth, stature or profession — so much so that for the first time in some 60-odd episodes of About Men Radio, Pedro and I thoroughly talked through in advance what we wanted to say.

For this one episode, we shelved our usual free-wheeling, spontaneous and juvenile joke-telling format.

That is an explicit recognition of how powerfully charged this issue is.

We felt like a football player charging the field against a line of defensemen but instead of carrying a ball, we were running with a grenade minus the pin.

In this episode, I don’t think we solved any of the world’s problems (in fact, I’m confident we didn’t) but we did have an authentic conversation about what we agreed is a volatile topic that leaves us confused, angry — and gobsmacked.

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