What Do We Have Left To Prove? Plenty.

I consider myself a card-carrying member of Generation X.

Are you not quite comfortable with the name? Not a fan of the band that foisted Billy Idol on an unsuspecting public? Feel free to consider me a Baby Buster. Or how about a part of the 13th Generation?

As a Gen Xer in my 20s I was adamant that older Baby Boomers, and even those stalwarts of the Greatest Generation, should just get the hell out of the way so we had a turn at mucking things up.

Flash-forward 25 years and Boomers never really stepped aside but now, as I glide through middle-age,  I completely understand why.

They felt they had plenty left in the tank and even more left to prove.

On this episode of About Men Radio, Chris and I dig into what motivates us to keep pushing ourselves both personally and professionally.

Sorry, Millenials but us hard-headed boys from The Bronx just aren’t ready to fade away and radiate. We suggest you get comfy. You’re in for an excruciatingly long wait.