You Wondered, We Answered

We here at About Men Radio are nothing if not a full-service podcast and website.

We invited readers and listeners to submit their most burning questions about men and some of our peculiar behaviors.

Among the questions put to us:

Jacqueline Damian: Why can men never find anything in the house? Why do so many conversations start with “Do you know where the ((fill in the blanks)) is?” After 18 years in this house, why does my husband still not know where “I” keep the bath soap? And why does he think it’s *my* bath soap? Like, do you guys live here or are you just passing through?


Andrea Higgins: Why do you need us to tell you everything three times?


Erin DeRosa: Why is it so hard for men to say they are scared? Why don’t they ever cop to worrying that they are frightened that everything is NOT going to be all right. Why can’t you people be vulnerable?

Yeah, we can be a breed apartĀ and sometimes as inscrutable as the sphinx.

In this latest podcast, we try to break things down and, we hope, shed a little light into the inner minds of men.

You might be surprised at what you hear.