A Reader Offers Her Own Bat Horror Story

About Men Radio reader Christina Tatu saw my story of dealing with a bat making its way into our house and the mayhem that ensued.

Here she shares her story:

I have my own horror story involving a bat.

This was probably seven years ago (before I moved in, because if I had been living there, I can assure you this wouldn’t have gone on for so long).

Dave mentioned that something smelled kind of gross around the couch.

Every now and then, I’d catch a whiff of something that smelled sort of like roadkill.

We looked all over the living room though and couldn’t find anything. Plus, it wasn’t a constant smell. It was something you’d catch a quick sniff of every few weeks.

I thought maybe one of the houseplants was rotting or some old food had fallen into an area of the couch we couldn’t see.

This had gone on for at least four months, when one night I was staring into space and saw it.

Inside a box fan Dave sometimes put in the back window to get fresh air circulating (ironically) was this dead, mummified bat.

We couldn’t figure out how it got into the fan, nor how to get it out, so we just threw the whole thing away!

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