Ask Us Men Anything!

You know how Redditt has a feature called AMA for “Ask Me Anything”?

Well, here at About Men Radio we’re rolling out “AAMA”: Ask A Man Anything.

The concept is simple and is offered especially as a service to our female listeners and readers:

What do you want explained about inexplicable guy behavior?

What questions have you always had but were too afraid to ask?

What things about what we do and how we do them just leaves you mystified?

We invite you to raise any topic — no matter how far-ranging or embarrassing.

We rolled out this feature nearly three years ago and it generated a good number of questions from readers.

Here’s how you can send us your questions:

I mean, look at the faces on these guys!

Can’t you imagine the intelligent, insightful, invigorating answers you will get from us?!

Yeah, neither can I.