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Do You See a Pattern…Zzzzzzz

We love About Men Radio posse member John O’Connell, aka Father John.

For the 40-plus years that I’ve known John, he has always been a night owl, not a morning lark.

As kids, he would be getting to bed at a time that I would be into my fifth hour of sleep.

As an adult, John likes to catch catnaps.

And we, loving, ball-busting friends that we are, like to catch him catching catnaps.

Behold, at a barbecue at my house in August 2014. (Note a guest in the background who was probably talking when John nodded off.)


More recently, during our get-together as a group in Florida, John was hardly off the plane 30 minutes before he had nodded out in Silvio’s car.

Note the look of disgust on Silvio’s face. *sad trombone*


But the one that absolutely is John’s crowing achievement came when we went on an airboat ride on a Florida lake.

Do you have any idea of how loud an airboat ride is? We’re talking 80 to 90-plus decibels loud.

It is the equivalent of standing on a subway platform and falling asleep above all that din.

Well, you guessed it:


And no, he was not just *resting his eyes.*

Now I’ve gotta take a nap!

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The Many Faces of Father John

Today for something different, we bring you a gallery of the many faces of AMR contributor Father John.

Step right up and be prepared to be amazed and bedazzled.

We certainly were!

Sporting the silver fox look. Go John!
What can you say about this photo? Nice dining room set in the background.
Before the silver fox, there was this dashing look.
Heavy metal hair band member. Ron Jeremy doppleganger. Words fail us.
Look deeply into my eyes…you’re getting sleepy, sleepy…
Who is this tyke?!
Glasses made from the bottoms of Coke bottles.
Ruh-roh Shaggy!