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Chris and Pedro Come Clean About Housework

So after three years of doing this podcast, Chris and Pedro decided to go where fools rush in and angels fear to tread and that is an honest man-to-man conversation about chores and housework.

What is revealed is as about as pretty as balled-up sweaty socks turned inside out.

I’m not sure we know the business end of a mop or a broom.

It’s not that we are total knuckle-draggers in our views of domestic work (Pedro, for example, does not mind cleaning the bathroom and Chris is happy to do dishes).

It’s just that, well, when we examine the totality of the division of labor on the home front, let’s just say that we come up short.

One of the things we address is our perceived inability (read: copout) to meet our wives’ high standards for getting certain things done just right.

And oh yeah, completely unrelated but just as important, we talk about why music from the ‘80s was so influential and how it remains important in our lives.

We celebrate so-called New Wave radio stations like Long Island’s WLIR and discuss why radio stations today largely suck.

So yeah, give a listen.

And whatever hate mail you send will go straight in the trash – which Pedro never takes out anyway.